Sunday, 5 July 2015

Just call me Picasso!

Well I am not actually comparing myself to Picasso but I feel like I paint as much as he did! lol! I have spent my weekend painting the fence in our garden as last week the neighbours put in a new one so I have spent most of my weekend in the garden. I also started re-painting the kitchen as I decided I wasn't keen on the colour we have currently and wanted something a bit more classic. So when I saw this colour I loved it and had to get it. Unfortunately as my time was taken up in the garden this weekend I didn't get much done but I made a start.

We also brought some more pots and plants from Homebase to put a bit of colour in the Garden as last weekend J chopped down the butterfly tree which left a bit of a space so we got some pots ready to put in it's place.

I have been going round my mum and dads the last few weeks to feed the cats while they are on holiday and their garden puts ours to shame. It had so many beautiful flowers I had to share. Here are some of the roses that they have growing. I loved these as they are 2 toned. 

The weekend started off with a surprise meal for the Besties Birthday. Her hubby David arranged for us to have a meal at a restaurant in town and a lovely evening was had by all. I even got to catch up with Beckie and her lovely little growing bump. I'm sure she is having a boy! We will find out in a few weeks Eekkk!!!
I then ended the weekend with a little shopping trip to Ikea and a BBQ at the sisters which saw the beginning of my love for BBQ pineapple and lot's and lot's of meat being cooked for not a lot of people! We managed to get through it though and of course I got to have a play with this not so little slobber machine. He would not sit still for very long but I managed to get this picture of him.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon S x 

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