Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Food for Thought

Yes you guessed it, my post today is about food! I take a lot of pictures of food on my travels and then forget to post them at the time so here is some of the delicious but random foods I have had over the last few months or so.
First of all here is the food I had last night. I went out for a meal with some friends at the Beehive and had the tomato, Aubergine & cheese tart. It was absolutely delicious.
And the dessert was just as yummy. I had a lovely summery Eton Mess although the weather hasn't been very summery of late.
I also went out for dinner with the bestie earlier on in the month for her birthday. We went to Carluccio's and I had the lobster, prawn and crab spaghetti. I have never really been a fan of seafood but I want to like it and when I started trying it I discovered that my favourite was Lobster. Which is typical I would like the most expensive of seafood's but I don't have it that often so it's a nice treat when I do.
Last month I went to Barcelona and the first thing I ate when we got there was a Cronut. It was something I have always wanted to try and they just happened to sell them in the first cafĂ© we went in and to be honest it just tasted like a donut! I don't drink Coffee and Barcelona did not do tea very well. Note to self or anyone else that is a tea lover...always take tea bags on holiday!
 I don't think that I can post many more pictures of food without boring you all to sleep so this last picture is of some very fresh home grown veg from my Dad's green house.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

It's a boy!

This week I found out that my lovely friends Beckie & Rich are having a baby boy. I offered my services to take a few (hundred) photo's for them so I could get some practice in but mainly so they could get some nice pictures to remember this exciting time. We had a lot of fun taking the photo's but the wind was not our friend and I don't think Rich wants to see another balloon again for a while. lol! We took a lot of inspiration from pintrest and Reg even tried to get involved too.

I love this picture, I think Reg was getting jealous that he wasn't the one getting his picture taken for once! lol! Here are a few more of my favourites.
 I love my camera it has such good effects and to be honest it did a lot of the work and of course it helps to have such lovely models and we had such a laugh especially using the glitter that we got absolutely everywhere.
I will leave it at that as I will be here all night if I post all 200 photo's that I took! I realised that in my last post I said I had my nails done by my bestie Amz but didn't post a picture. So here is a picture of my lovely gel nails. She did such a good job I shall definitely be a regular, I'm sure she will take payment in wine! lol!
I also went back to my hairdresser and got my fringe cut back in. I tried to grow it out for about a month but I just couldn't live with the in-between stage so I decided I would keep it for a while longer. Also I got a bit fed up of having to keep my eyebrows in check! lol!
Lastly I have been reading To Kill a Mockingbird and I stayed up late last night to finish it. It was brilliant. I can't actually believe I haven't read it before now but I'm quite pleased with my timing as Harper Lee has just brought out the sequel, Go set a Watchman. I can't wait to start reading it but I am going to wait until the weekend so I can really get into it.
Thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Good friends are like stars...

This was quite a relaxing weekend and a great one as I got to spend a lot of time with my friends. I know it seems like I have seen my mates a lot recently but normally I don't get to see them very often and I have managed to spend time with nearly all of them.

My weekend started with a swim. Which is not something I normally do but I'll do anything nowadays to help my legs so I thought I would give it a go and I really enjoyed it. I then spent my morning trimming the hedges and one of the bushes I tried to shape into a heart. I know it's not the best but you can kind of see it!

I then went for lunch with the husband at the Green Man in Marholm, where we had a few drinks in the beer garden so of course I had to take a selfie.

 Then the afternoon was spent having cocktails with Dani and then off to Amy's for a Chinese and a few bottles of wine while she did my nails. All in all a great day.
Today was mainly spent taking pictures of Reg. He wasn't best pleased to begin with...
But he cheered up when I took the hat off and we sat in the sun in the garden for a bit.
Then this afternoon we went to the Christening of Jude and Ethan where I got to catch up with all the girls. Unfortunately I didn't get chance to get a picture of the boys but I did get some of my lovely mates.
Here are a few from today...
Simona, Millie & Charlie
Simona & Charlotte
Dani & Millie
Charlotte & me
Amy & Millie
I know your probably thinking these are a lot of pictures of Millie but I realised when I got home that actually most of my pictures were of her and not my mates but hey she is so damn cute It just happened. Woops!
Good Friends are like don't always see them but you know they are there.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Dream Home

I cannot believe that today is Thursday. This week has flown by in a blur of spreadsheets! So as I have not done anything particularly fun and blog worthy this week I thought I would do a dream home ideas post. I am always browsing pinterest and instagram for ideas and inspiration to fill my home with gorgeous things. One year on and there is still plenty of space for more lovely things to put in my home and here are just a few things on my wish list.

I absolutely love this log burner. I would love to change our fireplace so that it looks like this but our fireplace is ok so until we have finished the rest of the house I can't really justify doing this work yet (and obviously when I say I, I mean J as I don't have the first clue about fireplaces!) 
I really like this industrial looking lamp made out of pipe fittings. I can't remember where we were but last Christmas me and J were out for a meal and there were lamps like this all around the restaurant and I thought they were fab. A bit too modern looking to fit in my Living Room but still a really cool lamp. 
I have had my eye on these Broadway style lamps for a while.  I am always browsing and checking these out. I am just really liking this style at the moment but unfortunately I have gone a bit too shabby chic in my home for this to fit in but maybe if I still like them when we re-decorate in the future I might get one of these.
One thing I have purchased recently is this clock from The Range. I have been looking at clocks for a little while, trying to find one to put above the fireplace and finally settled on this one.

I love this idea for stairs, they are so colourful and out there I think they are great. I don't think I have any chance of convincing my husband to do this in our house though so I will keep this on my home dreams pinterest board.
I could put lot's more pictures on this post but I will leave you with this photo of some lovely roses that one of my besties brought for me. I love having fresh flowers in the house...hint hint husband! lol!
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Summer BBQ time

This weekend has been another busy one. Since we moved in the house last year we decided to have a yearly BBQ with all our friends and family. This year was really nice as all our friends brought along the babies and toddlers so we emptied the beers out of the paddling pool and let the kids play in it instead! lol! I was a bit busy this time so didn't get to take many photo's but of course I got a few. Starting with the gorgeous little Millie. She is already posing up a storm and not even 1 yet. 

There we so many gorgeous babies/toddlers there yesterday I could fill my whole blog with pictures of them but here are some pictures of some of my favourite grown ups.
Ok maybe just a few more of the babies...

I am so pleased with our garden now it's really starting to take shape. We have spent a lot of time and effort on getting it up to scratch which meant chopping trees down and digging out a pond to create a bit more space. I also love the little area by the garage where we have the garden lights up. It's such a lovely little area and hopefully by next year we will have a little seating area there so we can enjoy it a bit more.
As much as I had a good time yesterday and I love having all our friends and family together it really took it out of me. Today has been a bit of a lazy one. Reggie literally summed up my mood today in this one picture.
This afternoon however was of course the Wimbledon Men's final which I knew was going to be a good match and it did not disappoint. So I got myself all settled on the sofa with a glass of cloudy lemonade in one of my cute jar glasses ready to watch the tennis.
Then to top off a great weekend we had dinner round my mum and dads then took Reg for a walk down by the river. So of course I took my camera with me as I do pretty much everywhere I go now.  
 Well I could of posted a lot more photo's from yesterday but to be honest I am so tired I am going to have an early night so this is all from me today.
Thanks for Reading. I will post again soon. S x

Friday, 10 July 2015

Summer goodies

As the sun has been shining the last few weeks I have of course been shopping for some summer goodies. This week I caught up on the Glastonbury highlights so I thought I would get in the festival spirit and purchased some Rose Shampoo.

I normally use the Silver shampoo but I thought I would give this a go. I was really cautious when I first used this as I didn't want to end up with bright pink hair. I know with the Silver one I don't have to leave it on very long, but I have used it a few times now leaving it on for 5 minutes and it still hasn't really made much of an affect. Having bright blonde hair I thought it would take really well but I will give it a few more goes.

I decided this month that I would stop getting the glossy boxes as I wasn't getting much in them that I was really loving but one of the things from the latest box that I do like is this moisturising gel with Aloe Vera in it. I have never used a moisturising Gel before and it seems to sit really well under my makeup and my skin seems to have been a lot better lately  so I might re-purchase this when I run out.

I also purchased some more lippy last week. I have talked about this brand before on my blog and I can't get enough of these. Bourjois do the BEST lipstick I have ever used. I never used to wear any lipstick until I found these and now I am wearing them nearly every day. I would recommend these to anyone as the do some great shades and feel really light and velvety on. The colour is 28 Pamplemousse and I love it. It's a very summery shade without being too bright.

Now moving on to clothes! Of course I couldn't resist to buy a summer dress or two! I know I have a wardrobe full of dresses but I just couldn't resist this one from Topshop. I actually brought this a few weeks ago and have already worn it but hopefully if the weather stays nice I will give it a second outing this weekend.
My second dress was purchased from Tesco of all places. I try not to go over to Hampton  too often as H&M always drags me in but as I was getting a few bits  at the weekend I just had a wonder around the clothes section and came across this cute dress.

We are having friends and family over this weekend for a BBQ so I might wear one of these then but then again I do have a wardrobe full of dresses so who knows.
Thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Just call me Picasso!

Well I am not actually comparing myself to Picasso but I feel like I paint as much as he did! lol! I have spent my weekend painting the fence in our garden as last week the neighbours put in a new one so I have spent most of my weekend in the garden. I also started re-painting the kitchen as I decided I wasn't keen on the colour we have currently and wanted something a bit more classic. So when I saw this colour I loved it and had to get it. Unfortunately as my time was taken up in the garden this weekend I didn't get much done but I made a start.

We also brought some more pots and plants from Homebase to put a bit of colour in the Garden as last weekend J chopped down the butterfly tree which left a bit of a space so we got some pots ready to put in it's place.

I have been going round my mum and dads the last few weeks to feed the cats while they are on holiday and their garden puts ours to shame. It had so many beautiful flowers I had to share. Here are some of the roses that they have growing. I loved these as they are 2 toned. 

The weekend started off with a surprise meal for the Besties Birthday. Her hubby David arranged for us to have a meal at a restaurant in town and a lovely evening was had by all. I even got to catch up with Beckie and her lovely little growing bump. I'm sure she is having a boy! We will find out in a few weeks Eekkk!!!
I then ended the weekend with a little shopping trip to Ikea and a BBQ at the sisters which saw the beginning of my love for BBQ pineapple and lot's and lot's of meat being cooked for not a lot of people! We managed to get through it though and of course I got to have a play with this not so little slobber machine. He would not sit still for very long but I managed to get this picture of him.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon S x