Sunday, 30 August 2015

When Reggie met Rosie

It's been a few weeks since my last blog not because I haven't wanted to but I have spent a few too many hours in front of a computer this last few weeks and to be honest I needed a bit of a break. But I'm back now and I have 10 days off work so happy days! Now where to start... get ready for a photo overload!

Let's start with when Reggie met Rosie. Rosie has now had all her jabs and was ready to meet Reg for the first time yesterday and it went really well.

She was really timid in the beginning bless her and just kept hiding behind our feet but by the time we left she was barking at him and trying to get him to play.

I think it's safe to say Reg wasn't all that bothered with her so we are going to have another play date tomorrow and see how they get on then.
Last weekend we went back to the village for a surprise 30th Birthday party. I had a really lovely time catching up with the mummy's to be Emma and Beckie.

Baby Boy Baines is getting a big boy now!
Later on it got a bit messy when the guys all started wrestling on the bouncy castle! lol! There were no injuries but a few spilt drinks when footballs got thrown into the mix!
Yesterday I had lunch with these ladies at the shoes for a little a little chin wag and a fish finger sandwich! Yum!

Then me and Amy went into town and may have done a little bit of shopping (shock!) where I also picked up some lovely fresh stocks. I love having fresh flowers in the house and these were just so pretty.  
Ok so I have pretty much forgotten most of what I have done over the last few weeks as it has all been a blur so that's all from me. I am off to a Cook family BBQ now so I will leave you with a random picture of me and pops in our matching fedoras. #hatwankers
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x 

Monday, 17 August 2015

These shoes weren't made for walking!

Although I haven't really had much planned over the last week I have still been rather busy. First of all last week I went Berry picking not once but twice. While on a jog with Amy last week we found some blackberry bushes down by the river so I got a tub full from there and then I found another lot while walking the dog later on in the week so I have had a berry overload this week!

It would not of been a good weekend unless I had been shopping so as usual here is one of the purchases from the weekend...
I was in need of some shoes with a bit of a heel for work as I always wear flats so when I saw these I thought they were really cute but after their first outing today they have given me two blisters! Not good!
It also wouldn't of been a good weekend without seeing the gorgeous little Rosie. She is getting bigger every time I see her and a lot more fluffy!
Sam also decided to give her flying lessons lol!
But of course I also spent a lot of time with my grumpy little man. He spent most of the weekend watching me do housework and tidy up but he has been a busy boy too as he has also had a few play dates this week. Hopefully in about a week he can properly meet Rosie and have a play with her.
This little guy always makes me smile when I'm having a bad day...
I also got to visit the lovely Millie yesterday. Even though she was over tired she was still the cutest. She is already crawling all over the place and will be running around in no time at the rate she is going!  
As I didn't really have any plans this weekend I took the opportunity to have a bit of a clear out. I still had a box that I hadn't un-packed from when we moved in over a year ago so I thought it was about time I sorted through it and while I was at it I had a complete clear out of all the wardrobes and draws.
 I also decided to start a little art project in the third bedroom so I cleared that out ready and made a start yesterday. Pictures to follow but it may take me a little while.
To be honest I started writing this blog a little bit too late and it's been a long day so I can't really be bothered to write much so that's all from me.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Shop til you drop

I have been a bit busy so I didn't have time to blog this weekend but it was another usual weekend for me of shopping! lol! I had a small shopping trip to Ikea to get a few boring house bits like lunch boxes and chopping boards and there happened to be a Pri Mark near by so it would of been rude not to drop by. As I have been shopping quite a bit recently I only got a few bits and these are some of my favs.

First of all I know it's August and it has been quite warm lately but soon winter will be upon us again and of all the jumpers I have I don't have a roll neck one and this one is super soft so I had to get it.

I also got some really cute boots and a leather look rucksack. This is the second rucksack I have purchased lately. I know I'm probably a bit old to be wearing a rucksack but I really don't care. Sometimes I'm in a situation where I am walking the dog or going out on a bike ride and wearing a handbag is just not feasible. 
I normally do my food shop at Aldi as it is just up the road from me but the last few weeks I have been to both Tesco and Sainsbury's just to see how much the price differences are and to be honest Aldi wins by a mile. I found Sainsbury's to be the most expensive but it has been nice to mix it up a little. I am not a fan of food shopping at all but I do like it when I find a little something extra. Especially when it matches my bedroom.
I also got this DAB radio from Aldi of all places. They sometimes have the odd random bits and pieces in there and I love the design of this radio as it is very shabby chic. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and I like to listen to music while I cook.
Saturday evening we went round our friends for dinner whenever we do this the couple going for dinner always takes dessert. So far every dessert has been made by ourselves but this time I will admit it, I was going to just buy a cake and try and pass it off as one I had made myself! lol! But I didn't in the end. I got inspiration from The Great British Bake Off and decided to make a Walnut Cake. Before I started I thought I had better check they liked nuts and I'm glad I checked, so instead I went for the classic Victoria Sponge. I may of gone a bit mad on the butter cream icing though.
It was pretty darn good though so I'm pleased I did bake. Looking forward to tomorrows Bake off. Maybe I will bake the Walnut cake this weekend and take it into work but I am hoping to do a bit of re-decorating this weekend so we will see.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bake off is back!

I am as happy as could be this week as my favourite programme is back on tv. The Great British Bake Off! I love this programme so much I don't think I really need to explain why... it is a programme about cake! This also brought back a little tradition that has happened over the last few years where the bestie comes for dinner and we watch the bake off and commentate. I'm sure Gogglebox would love us! lol! We started this year off having dinner at Amy & David's new pad and David left us a nice little message out on the scrabble board.

It was a great start to the bake off with a disaster moose that didn't set! Anyways I'm sure you don't want me to ramble on about the bake off for the whole blog so as it was payday last week of course I have been shopping and I thought I would share a few of the bits I brought.
This week I did my food shop at Tesco which isn't the norm for me as I always end up buying more than just food and just as I expected this is exactly what happened. I found this lovely Aztec laundry basket that really matched my spare room d├ęcor and our basket has seen better days so I had to get it.
I also got these really cute mugs from Pri Mark and the husband has already managed to break one. He has a thing about breaking glasses and mugs while washing up. I just wish it wasn't the cutest ones! lol!
I also went into H&M to check out the sale and ended up buying a really cute dress that wasn't in the sale, woops! So cute though and I do love a pattern shift dress for work. 

I also tried out a bit pink chalk in my hair. I have tried many dyes lately and nothing seems to take and this said it should last for up to four washes but it didn't even last one! I thought it looked pretty cool even if it was only for a few days. I might try it out again though as I do like to try different things with my hair.
 I will leave you with a picture of the cute little gifts my bestie got me from a weekend break she had with her family. I knew there was a reason I kept her around.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Puppies and Pictures

This weekend saw the new addition to the family. My parent's got themselves the cutest little puppy I think I have ever seen. She is a cross between a miniature poodle and a bichon frise. Her name is Rosie.

She is settling in really well and I have a feeling I will be visiting my parents a lot more now. Also I think Reggie will enjoy having a new little play mate. I have already taken a lot of photo's of Rosie so here is just one more.
Yesterday we also went to Burghley house in Stamford for a film festival. We watched Austin Powers while having a lovely picnic and a few drinks. All in all it was a nice evening just a little chilly in the wind. Some people also got into fancy dress for the occasion like the lady sat in front of us, lol.
 I made some homemade pizza's for the picnic. This was my first time of making pizza's from scratch, well kind of the dough was from the pasta shop, but I am pretty happy with my first attempt. This is a picture of before one of them went in. I forgot to take one when they came out.
 and of course like most occasions there had to be a selfie in front of Burghley house.
The grounds are absolutely beautiful so we had a wonder around and saw some deer grazing in one of the fields. This is as close as I could get as they kept running away when I got to close. I think I need to invest in a better zoom for my camera.
Today I went for a bike ride with the sister which of course led us to a beer garden for a pit stop.  We stopped off at charters in town for a fruit cider to cool us down on a lovely warm day.
 We also did a bit of cycling, 7 and a half miles to be precise and we went down by the river which was pretty so I had to take a picture.
Had another great weekend and I am shattered so that's all from me tonight, I will leave you with another picture of the gorgeous Rosie.

Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x