Sunday, 31 May 2015

My Name is Sarah and I'm a Shopoholic!

For those of you that know me you might be aware that I like to shop...a lot! Well this weekend was no exception. 

I brought a mixed bag of all sorts this weekend. Firstly I have a family wedding to go to next weekend and brought some gorgeous shoes hoping it will be nice and sunny as the weather man has said! These were from H&M which is not a place I normally buy shoes from but they had £5 off so I had to get these.

I also had a little look in Primark as it would be rude not too as I was in town. I just got a few casual bits for holiday. Including a Pug sunglasses case which is so cute! 
And of course it wouldn't be a shopping spree if I didn't buy another throw! This was half price and is so soft and comfy that I haven't taken it off since I brought it! It was only £7 and goes really well in my bedroom.
Last week I purchased 2 lanterns for the new decking and I have gone a bit lantern crazy lately. Yesterday I brought another one, this time to go on our dining room table. I had been on the look out for a large glass jar of some kind to put candles in but I saw this from The Range and thought it would look really nice.
I love getting these little bits and pieces to make the house feel homely as sometimes I feel like the house is a bit bare as we still have a few big bits of furniture to get and some blank walls but these are all things we will get around to eventually.
And lastly I purchased some flowers from the market to brighten up the house. I love having fresh flowers in the house but unfortunately I have to buy them for myself. The husband isn't very good at getting the hints! lol!
All that shopping left me pretty exhausted so the rest of the weekend has been spent pretty much on the sofa watching Once Upon a Time and a whole host of random movies including Moulin Rouge & Clueless! I shall try and drag myself off the sofa this evening and go for a run though as I definitely need the exercise!
Thanks for Reading. I will post again soon. S x  

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Not a lot has happened this week but I thought I would just share some random thoughts. For starters I knew today was going to be one of those days when I woke up looking like this...

It was my own fault as I went to bed with wet hair but it took a lot of hair products to tame it this morning!
 As it has been a 4 day work week I found myself to be a little bit too busy for my liking so I have not been up to much but of course I have had time to shop. I love it when you find things so unexpectedly. I went did a food shop at Aldi yesterday and they always have the most random bits and pieces down the middle of the isle and I came across these and just had to pick them up.
 I have been on the look out for some lanterns to put out on the new decking. These are actually solar lanterns but the solar part was just the lid so I have taken these off and will put candles in them instead. These were a total bargain as they were only £6.99 each and they just happened to be the last 2 left so of course I had to get them.
This week I also discovered something amazing. Cookie Spread! Yes this is basically cookie dough in a spreadable form. It's too good as we have nailed the whole Jar in less than a week! Woops! If you haven't tried it yet I would definitely recommend.
I love this time of year as it holds so many good memories. 2 years ago this weekend was my Hen Party. We went to Bath for the weekend and rented a lovely house. We went to a Spa, ate and drank way too much and don't even get me started on the stripper, but the thing that I loved the most is that all my favourite girls were there and we had such a laugh.
We may have also dressed up as Where's Wally at some point too!
 Well I think that's enough random thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x

Monday, 25 May 2015

One Year on

So even though we got an extra day this weekend it still seemed to go way to quickly. This weekend marked 1 year in our new home and to celebrate we got some work done in the garden. We have spent the last year gradually doing the house up but not really touched the garden so we thought it was about time to get it done ready for the summer so here are some before and after pictures.

 A lot of the houses in the street have extended or put conservatories on the back but we decided that we didn't need the extra space in the house and that we would rather keep more garden space so we had some decking and more turf put down and I must say I am pretty pleased with it.
Although this weekend has been a bit of a lazy one it's been really lovely. I had the 2 Besties over on Saturday eve for a few drinks and some dinner then after way too much food and drink we ended up camped out on the sofa watching Eurovision. 
After a few glasses of wine I decided that going for a run with Dani at 8am Sunday morning was a great idea and I am still suffering for it now. Me and exercise just don't really mix but I am trying to do more now as I have become more conscious of being healthier.
I also did some baking today. I haven't really baked very much recently as I have been concentrating on doing bits to the house at the weekends so it was either bake something or finish the curtains in the second bedroom. Baking won that contest so trying to stay semi healthy I made some oat, raisin & Blueberry cookies.
I know they don't look the most appetising of cookies and they don't contain chocolate but they are still pretty good. I always use the Hummingbird Bakery recipe and some how manage to make way more than I expected so I'll be taking these into the office tomorrow.
Thanks for reading, I'll post again soon. S x 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Picnic in the Park

This weekend me and the bestie went to Stamford to have a walk around the gardens at Burghley house. Amy has never been before so as the weather was lovely we thought we would make a day of it and have a little picnic and a good old chat.
 We had a picnic by the cutest little lake with it's very own deer sculpture then had a walk around the gardens. They are called the Sculpture and Surprise Gardens of which there was a lot of both. here's a few photo's from the day.
There were some weird and wonderful statues and sculpture's including this one which of course Amy couldn't resist having a little pick... 
It also took us a little longer than we care to admit before we realised what this one was...
We may or may not have also run through a few fountains and been a little silly. All in All lots of fun was had.
I also dragged the hubby to the cinema on Sunday to watch Pitch Perfect 2 which was brilliant. I rarely go to the cinema but I have been to the 3 times in the last few weeks to see 3 very different movies. I also watched The Avengers 2 and The Age of Adaline.  Obviously the Avengers wasn't my choice but still all good movies.
As much fun as the weekend was it's been another busy week and I will end it on this note. I am the worst at over thinking everything and this week has been no exception. But I'm gona work on that!
Thanks for reading, I will post again soon S x 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Making a house a home

So I'm away from home, only for one night, but without Netflix and my lovely family for home comfort I find myself thinking a lot about them. Not so much Netflix, although I have just started getting into Once Apon a Time and I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms, but I miss the lovely home we have built. It has been almost a year since we moved in and it has been a lot of hard work to get it up to date and to put our own stamp on the place but we are definitely getting there.

We still have the Kitchen and bathroom to do but the rest of the house is nearly complete. One of the things that I wanted when we started searching for a home was a fireplace. I always dreamt of having an open fire, we still haven't actually had one yet but I have been making good use of it.

There are lot's of little places in the house that have space for pretty things...
I like to shop so I am always on the look out for some cute bits to furnish the house and I came across this Happy sign in TK Max that fits lovely on the window sill in the spare room.
But the thing I love the most about my home is the crazy people I share it with.
Thanks for reading I will post again soon. S x 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Glossy Box & Holiday Goodies

I am always wanting to try new beauty products but it can be a bit costly so when I was looking through some of my favourite beauty blogs I came across the Glossy box. This is one of many beauty boxes out there that sends you about 5 or 6 beauty products every month. I know this isn't a knew thing and has probably been around for years but as I have only recently started blogging I have only just come across it.

 This is the April Glossy box so I am a little late with this review but I have been a busy bee so only just getting around to it. It is the Iconic Hollywood Edition. I was quite excited when I got the email with the sneak peak, you don't get to choose what you get in your box but I was pleased with this choice as I like a bit of red lippy!

When the parcel arrived even the packaging was super cute so I couldn't wait to see the products inside. I was pleased that out of the 5 products 2 of them where make up and the red lipstick pencil from Lord & Berry did not disappoint. The 2 make-up products alone cost more than the box so I am happy that you get good value for money.

 I have yet to try the shower gel but all the other products, especially the Nougat London Hand cream, were all great so I look forward to the next Box.

I also had a little shopping spree last month (Shocking I know it's not like me at all! lol!) where I got a few accessorise from Pri Mark ready for my holiday. I have quite a few Necklaces as I love a statement Necklace but I decided to get a few more dainty ones.

I used to go into Pri Mark and manage to get a basket full of bits without even trying but nowadays I am more selective as the prices have gone up there are some things that you can get for better quality from H&M for around the same prices but I did get myself a hat and some sunnies ready for our trip to Barcelona.

I have a lot planned over the Summer so really looking forward to it, don't worry I will keep you updated!

Thanks for Reading. Will post again soon S x 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Gardening for Dummies!

This weekend has been your standard Bank Holiday, Lot's of catching up with friends and family. It started off with lunch at the Shoes with two of the besties Amy & Beckie on the Saturday, followed by a lot of boring house work, quick cuddles with the gorgeous Millie then off to our local pub with some friends for a few drinks on Sunday. Both days I didn't take any pictures which isn't like me at all but don't worry I took plenty today!

The sun came out for long enough today to be able to do a bit of gardening and have a lovely family BBQ. I'm not much of a gardener to be honest (I can't deal with the bugs) but I did pot this little tree today along with painting the gate. 

 Jason however has been in the garden most of the day and it's really coming along now. The garage door needs painting and we are getting a bit of decking put down at the end of the month then we can sit back and enjoy the garden and have a little BBQ get together. Any excuse for a party!

The flowers are all starting to come out now so starting to look really pretty!

We have been in the house for nearly a year now and it has been a never ending list of things to do but I have loved every minute of it and it's really nice to see the house taking shape. This being a grown up malarkey is hard work though!

I also went and did a bit of shopping today, shocking I know, and brought a little potted plant for the kitchen...

Well that's enough pictures of plants so lets see some of food! I finished the weekend off with a lovely family BBQ at my parents. I always eat way too much but it's so good!

 It's been a lovely weekend but back to work tomorrow and I think it's going to be a busy week!  

Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x