Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Babies & bookcases

It's been a little while since my last blog. I've been a little busy. I'm starting 2016 as I mean to go on and that's another busy year with lot's to look forward to! J and his dad finished some wallpapering in our bedroom then the furniture we ordered arrived last week. Yeahy!

I really love the vase I got for the side board. It was only £8.75 in the sale from Van Hague which I thought was a barging!  

I know I don't have many books but it's nice to have them all in one place and organised. 

We went round our friends for dinner yesterday and I decided to make my first ever cheesecake. I went for a non bake one so to not make it too difficult. I went with a Nutella cheesecake and to be honest it wasn't amazing but not bad for my first attempt.

So yesterday also saw the last baby shower for a while as the last mummy to be is due in a few weeks. So I got to have lots of cuddles with the lovely new babies. This little beaut is Lorenzo.

And this gorgeous boy is Thomas.

And here's the girls having cuddles. We are rapidly getting out numbered by boys! Lol!

After having a lovely afternoon tea I of course managed to get a cuddle in with the gorgeous Charlie.

So I best get off to bed as I have an early start tomorrow. Thanks for reading will post again soon. S x

Sunday, 20 December 2015

It's Party time

So it wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas Works Party. Friday night was mine, and I think I might be still suffering for it now. lol! I used to be able to do 2 nights on the bounce but now it takes 2 days to recover from the 1 night! I didn't even drink that much but all the dancing and the late night has taken it out of me. I'm such an old woman! As this was my last Xmas party I was determined to enjoy it and I had a real laugh at dinner and a good dance with the girls. We even met some lookalikes and managed to get a selfie with Ronnie Wood! lol!

Saturday evening was a lot more chilled as I spent the eve with 2 of the besties had a Chinese and lot's of cuddles with the very gorgeous baby Charlie.
I absolutely love Charlie's Nursery and I am especially happy that the bunting I made him is up and goes really well. So cute eh?
Today I had to spend a good 4 hours wrapping presents as I hadn't done any wrapping! Unfortunately I have ran out of paper now I am sending the husband out to get some more tomorrow. Before the wrapping we took the pug to crown lakes for a nice winter walk.  
I think it's safe to say that Reg loved it... 
Reg never stands still long enough for me to get a picture of him while we are out for walks so this is as good as it gets! Well I have 4 very busy days of work and play to get through before I can put my feet up for Xmas so I best get to bed.
Sorry it's a short one but to be honest I am shattered so this is all you are getting this week. I'll update after Xmas.
Happy Christmas. S x 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Take me to Narnia

I have had such a lovely weekend. Yesterday was a day of surprises as for a belated birthday gift my 2 besties took me to London and spoilt me a little too much! We started the day off with a Charlie & the Chocolate themed Afternoon Tea which was very yummy.

Then we went to this little rum bar with Dani's fella and had a few drinks before we went onto the Regency Hotel terrace bar that was Narnia themed. It was a very pretty setting.

We sat with blankets and hot water bottles and drank Narnia themed warm (very strong) cocktails and had fondue.

We drank and ate and chatted all day long it was just what the doctor ordered.This isn't the best photo of the day but I kind of like it as it looks quite wintery!

Today was baby shower time! Little Baby Charlie came rather early and decided he wanted to be at his own baby shower. lol! He is going from strength to strength and is such a little dude especially today in his suit and tie.

We played some games and had some food and hopefully Beckie and Charlie had a lovely day. 

Charlie also got lot's of really cute gifts. This guy I especially liked. 

I also went round to see the parents this evening as it is papa Johnson's birthday tomorrow so I dropped his presents round and he seemed rather happy with his new jacket. 

That's all from me today. Thanks for reading I will post again soon. S x

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas has arrived...

Yes Christmas has arrived in our house. About time if you ask me! The weekend started with a bit of Christmas Shopping in Milton Keynes with my Mum and sister which turned out to be very productive as I pretty much finished mine off bar a few although it proved to be a bit too much for my poor leggys as I have been suffering a little today. I have also been a little bit lax on the old picture front this weekend as I managed to not take my camera anywhere! woops! But do not fear I did get a few on my phone. Here is the beautiful Carousel that was indoors at the MK centre.

Today has been a busy one I spent the early afternoon at my lovely mate Charlotte's baby shower where we played lot's of baby related games, which I was rubbish at by the way, but lot's of fun was had and lot's of cake was eaten and I also got to see Sonny take a few steps today which was lovely to witness. He will be running around in no time!
The rest of the afternoon was spent being very Christmassy. We picked up our tree from our usual dealer! lol! We went back to Stilton where we got our 7ft tree and had a nice catch up with the ever lovely Emma & Garry. Then after what seemed like an hour of un-tangling the lights the tree is decorated and looking good. I also watched The Polar Express which was the first Christmas movie of the year for me so I thought I best get a start on wrapping some pressies.
The last few weeks I have mainly done a lot of Christmas present shopping but I also found time to get myself a few bits. I happened to be off work on black Friday so I took advantage of the offers and worked out I had saved myself about £75 so it was definitely worth braving the shops.
I got these really cute wintery bits from Topshop and New Look as I am loving the burgundy colour this year. 
I also treat myself to a new outfit for the Xmas Party this year and as I don't normally take that many pics of myself I thought I would put a picture up of what I am going to wear just in case I have too many wines and don't take any pics. lol!
The dress and necklace are from H&M (of course) and the shoes are from New Look. I went for all black this year as black is flattering and this last few months I have not been able to do an awful lot of exercise so I am not feeling too hot about myself so after trying about 20 different dresses this is the one I have settled with.
This just about sums me up at the moment. I feel like I am not getting enough sleep lately which has mainly been down to watching I'm a Celebrity. I don't normally watch any reality TV but I got really into it this year and really enjoyed it. I might get a bit more sleep now it's over and my favourite won so happy days.
Any ways that's all from me. Thanks for reading, I will post again soon. S x