Friday, 10 July 2015

Summer goodies

As the sun has been shining the last few weeks I have of course been shopping for some summer goodies. This week I caught up on the Glastonbury highlights so I thought I would get in the festival spirit and purchased some Rose Shampoo.

I normally use the Silver shampoo but I thought I would give this a go. I was really cautious when I first used this as I didn't want to end up with bright pink hair. I know with the Silver one I don't have to leave it on very long, but I have used it a few times now leaving it on for 5 minutes and it still hasn't really made much of an affect. Having bright blonde hair I thought it would take really well but I will give it a few more goes.

I decided this month that I would stop getting the glossy boxes as I wasn't getting much in them that I was really loving but one of the things from the latest box that I do like is this moisturising gel with Aloe Vera in it. I have never used a moisturising Gel before and it seems to sit really well under my makeup and my skin seems to have been a lot better lately  so I might re-purchase this when I run out.

I also purchased some more lippy last week. I have talked about this brand before on my blog and I can't get enough of these. Bourjois do the BEST lipstick I have ever used. I never used to wear any lipstick until I found these and now I am wearing them nearly every day. I would recommend these to anyone as the do some great shades and feel really light and velvety on. The colour is 28 Pamplemousse and I love it. It's a very summery shade without being too bright.

Now moving on to clothes! Of course I couldn't resist to buy a summer dress or two! I know I have a wardrobe full of dresses but I just couldn't resist this one from Topshop. I actually brought this a few weeks ago and have already worn it but hopefully if the weather stays nice I will give it a second outing this weekend.
My second dress was purchased from Tesco of all places. I try not to go over to Hampton  too often as H&M always drags me in but as I was getting a few bits  at the weekend I just had a wonder around the clothes section and came across this cute dress.

We are having friends and family over this weekend for a BBQ so I might wear one of these then but then again I do have a wardrobe full of dresses so who knows.
Thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x

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