Sunday, 12 July 2015

Summer BBQ time

This weekend has been another busy one. Since we moved in the house last year we decided to have a yearly BBQ with all our friends and family. This year was really nice as all our friends brought along the babies and toddlers so we emptied the beers out of the paddling pool and let the kids play in it instead! lol! I was a bit busy this time so didn't get to take many photo's but of course I got a few. Starting with the gorgeous little Millie. She is already posing up a storm and not even 1 yet. 

There we so many gorgeous babies/toddlers there yesterday I could fill my whole blog with pictures of them but here are some pictures of some of my favourite grown ups.
Ok maybe just a few more of the babies...

I am so pleased with our garden now it's really starting to take shape. We have spent a lot of time and effort on getting it up to scratch which meant chopping trees down and digging out a pond to create a bit more space. I also love the little area by the garage where we have the garden lights up. It's such a lovely little area and hopefully by next year we will have a little seating area there so we can enjoy it a bit more.
As much as I had a good time yesterday and I love having all our friends and family together it really took it out of me. Today has been a bit of a lazy one. Reggie literally summed up my mood today in this one picture.
This afternoon however was of course the Wimbledon Men's final which I knew was going to be a good match and it did not disappoint. So I got myself all settled on the sofa with a glass of cloudy lemonade in one of my cute jar glasses ready to watch the tennis.
Then to top off a great weekend we had dinner round my mum and dads then took Reg for a walk down by the river. So of course I took my camera with me as I do pretty much everywhere I go now.  
 Well I could of posted a lot more photo's from yesterday but to be honest I am so tired I am going to have an early night so this is all from me today.
Thanks for Reading. I will post again soon. S x

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