Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Smile. Focus. Capture.

I have only really started taking photo's in the last year but it has quickly become a hobby that I love. I have always been a little bit creative so I don't really know why I didn't pick it up sooner but since I got a half decent camera just over a year ago I have taken thousands of photos's. 

I was reminded just how much I love photography this weekend when I got the opportunity to go to London Fashion Week to take some photo's of Faby Uk nails on some of the models. As well as experiencing the backstage madness we also got to watch the fashion show. It was an amazing day and I had massive camera envy of all the professionals.

The show itself was every bit as fabulous as I thought it would be and the clothes were lovely too. The backstage area was jam packed with make up artists, hair stylists, nail technicians as well as the models, designers, photographers and the people trying to organize the chaos it was such madness but I loved it. I could not of been happier. 

This was just one of the make-up areas in the room.

We also got some of the models to pose and show off the lovely nails that the technicians managed to do while the models were also getting their hair and make up done. They made it look very easy but I'm sure it wasn't.

While we watched the rehearsal all I could think is how amazing it would be to be one of those photographers sat on the floor at the end of the run way. One can always dream eh!

Faby launched in the UK yesterday and as you can see from these photo's they are lovely products. 

Anyways I could ramble on and on about this as I had such a lovely time but back to reality this week! 

Thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x

Monday, 15 February 2016

Love is in the Air

This weekend has had me reflecting on all the things I am loving at the moment. As well as it being valentines day I got to visit Rutland Waters and take some beautiful pictures.

I also got to spend plenty of quality time with this one...

We spent most of valentines day eating chocolate and watching movies but it was just what I needed as this last few months have been so busy it's nice to relax and chill.

A few other things that I have been loving lately is trying out new make up. I have been in desperate need of a new foundation and after trying a few lately I finally found one that I quite like. I really struggle with foundations as I can't seem to find a liquid foundation that blends in as well as giving good coverage. This Rimmel London one blends quite well and seems to suit my skin type. I'm not sure it really lasts 8 hours let alone 25 but It feels really nice on and is not a bad price either.

I am also loving my new Faby nail varnish and can't wait to get more colours. I love this colour and can't wait to get more to add to my collection.

February is now here so it is about time I got off my bum and did some exercise. As I have not really been able to go jogging much I decided to buy myself an exercise bike and start getting fit again. I have been getting on the bike at least 4 times a week and doing 10 miles at a time and I am feeling a lot better for it. I especially love the fact that I can watch TV and stay in he warm while I do it and it folds away so doesn't take up much room.

While doing my miles I have been watching some good TV. The Good Wife is back on as well as War and Peace on BBC which was absolutely brilliant and now the Bake off is on for a few weeks too as well as trying to watch Luther in between all this as I can't watch it on my own as I am a scaredy cat!

Thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x