Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Babies & bookcases

It's been a little while since my last blog. I've been a little busy. I'm starting 2016 as I mean to go on and that's another busy year with lot's to look forward to! J and his dad finished some wallpapering in our bedroom then the furniture we ordered arrived last week. Yeahy!

I really love the vase I got for the side board. It was only £8.75 in the sale from Van Hague which I thought was a barging!  

I know I don't have many books but it's nice to have them all in one place and organised. 

We went round our friends for dinner yesterday and I decided to make my first ever cheesecake. I went for a non bake one so to not make it too difficult. I went with a Nutella cheesecake and to be honest it wasn't amazing but not bad for my first attempt.

So yesterday also saw the last baby shower for a while as the last mummy to be is due in a few weeks. So I got to have lots of cuddles with the lovely new babies. This little beaut is Lorenzo.

And this gorgeous boy is Thomas.

And here's the girls having cuddles. We are rapidly getting out numbered by boys! Lol!

After having a lovely afternoon tea I of course managed to get a cuddle in with the gorgeous Charlie.

So I best get off to bed as I have an early start tomorrow. Thanks for reading will post again soon. S x

Sunday, 20 December 2015

It's Party time

So it wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas Works Party. Friday night was mine, and I think I might be still suffering for it now. lol! I used to be able to do 2 nights on the bounce but now it takes 2 days to recover from the 1 night! I didn't even drink that much but all the dancing and the late night has taken it out of me. I'm such an old woman! As this was my last Xmas party I was determined to enjoy it and I had a real laugh at dinner and a good dance with the girls. We even met some lookalikes and managed to get a selfie with Ronnie Wood! lol!

Saturday evening was a lot more chilled as I spent the eve with 2 of the besties had a Chinese and lot's of cuddles with the very gorgeous baby Charlie.
I absolutely love Charlie's Nursery and I am especially happy that the bunting I made him is up and goes really well. So cute eh?
Today I had to spend a good 4 hours wrapping presents as I hadn't done any wrapping! Unfortunately I have ran out of paper now I am sending the husband out to get some more tomorrow. Before the wrapping we took the pug to crown lakes for a nice winter walk.  
I think it's safe to say that Reg loved it... 
Reg never stands still long enough for me to get a picture of him while we are out for walks so this is as good as it gets! Well I have 4 very busy days of work and play to get through before I can put my feet up for Xmas so I best get to bed.
Sorry it's a short one but to be honest I am shattered so this is all you are getting this week. I'll update after Xmas.
Happy Christmas. S x 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Take me to Narnia

I have had such a lovely weekend. Yesterday was a day of surprises as for a belated birthday gift my 2 besties took me to London and spoilt me a little too much! We started the day off with a Charlie & the Chocolate themed Afternoon Tea which was very yummy.

Then we went to this little rum bar with Dani's fella and had a few drinks before we went onto the Regency Hotel terrace bar that was Narnia themed. It was a very pretty setting.

We sat with blankets and hot water bottles and drank Narnia themed warm (very strong) cocktails and had fondue.

We drank and ate and chatted all day long it was just what the doctor ordered.This isn't the best photo of the day but I kind of like it as it looks quite wintery!

Today was baby shower time! Little Baby Charlie came rather early and decided he wanted to be at his own baby shower. lol! He is going from strength to strength and is such a little dude especially today in his suit and tie.

We played some games and had some food and hopefully Beckie and Charlie had a lovely day. 

Charlie also got lot's of really cute gifts. This guy I especially liked. 

I also went round to see the parents this evening as it is papa Johnson's birthday tomorrow so I dropped his presents round and he seemed rather happy with his new jacket. 

That's all from me today. Thanks for reading I will post again soon. S x

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas has arrived...

Yes Christmas has arrived in our house. About time if you ask me! The weekend started with a bit of Christmas Shopping in Milton Keynes with my Mum and sister which turned out to be very productive as I pretty much finished mine off bar a few although it proved to be a bit too much for my poor leggys as I have been suffering a little today. I have also been a little bit lax on the old picture front this weekend as I managed to not take my camera anywhere! woops! But do not fear I did get a few on my phone. Here is the beautiful Carousel that was indoors at the MK centre.

Today has been a busy one I spent the early afternoon at my lovely mate Charlotte's baby shower where we played lot's of baby related games, which I was rubbish at by the way, but lot's of fun was had and lot's of cake was eaten and I also got to see Sonny take a few steps today which was lovely to witness. He will be running around in no time!
The rest of the afternoon was spent being very Christmassy. We picked up our tree from our usual dealer! lol! We went back to Stilton where we got our 7ft tree and had a nice catch up with the ever lovely Emma & Garry. Then after what seemed like an hour of un-tangling the lights the tree is decorated and looking good. I also watched The Polar Express which was the first Christmas movie of the year for me so I thought I best get a start on wrapping some pressies.
The last few weeks I have mainly done a lot of Christmas present shopping but I also found time to get myself a few bits. I happened to be off work on black Friday so I took advantage of the offers and worked out I had saved myself about £75 so it was definitely worth braving the shops.
I got these really cute wintery bits from Topshop and New Look as I am loving the burgundy colour this year. 
I also treat myself to a new outfit for the Xmas Party this year and as I don't normally take that many pics of myself I thought I would put a picture up of what I am going to wear just in case I have too many wines and don't take any pics. lol!
The dress and necklace are from H&M (of course) and the shoes are from New Look. I went for all black this year as black is flattering and this last few months I have not been able to do an awful lot of exercise so I am not feeling too hot about myself so after trying about 20 different dresses this is the one I have settled with.
This just about sums me up at the moment. I feel like I am not getting enough sleep lately which has mainly been down to watching I'm a Celebrity. I don't normally watch any reality TV but I got really into it this year and really enjoyed it. I might get a bit more sleep now it's over and my favourite won so happy days.
Any ways that's all from me. Thanks for reading, I will post again soon. S x

Monday, 30 November 2015

10 years on

So this weekend marked 10 years of being with the husband so we decided to treat ourselves with a little weekend away. We booked to stay at Fawsley Hall Spa near Daventry and we had such a lovely time I would definitely recommend it. First of all they called up a few days before we were due to arrive and asked if we were celebrating a special occasion so when we arrived we found they had upgraded us to a suite and the service was brilliant. The whole hotel was steeped in history and had such a lovely atmosphere.

My favourite room in the whole place was the Great Hall. It had pictures of Monarchs hanging all around the walls along with lot's of sofa's and arm chairs to relax by the massive fireplaces.

The weather wasn't great this weekend so we spent a lot of time inside eating and drinking or at the spa. I even got up at 7:30am on Sunday to go for a swim! Just shows how much more energy you have when you get time to relax and enjoy yourself.
I started out the weekend with a Date night with the bestie on Friday. We went to see Mockingjay part2, which was brilliant and I can't wait to see it again, then we had a Chinese and bottle of wine. Just the kind of evening I had been needing. I do love going to the cinema, I still haven't been to see the new Bond movie yet so hopefully I'll get time to go and see it soon.
On the way back from the spa we stopped off at the Burghley House Christmas Market in Stamford which to be honest wasn't the best. It was so busy so took ages to actually get in and to be honest I was disappointed with the lack of actual Christmas stalls. There was a lot of clothes and random stalls and only a handful sold Christmas things! I did however find 1 -stall where everything had been up-cycled and the money made was all going to charity so I purchased this really cute bauble that which has pages from Jane Eyre all around it.
Burghley House was as pretty as ever.
This year they had some very strange statues around the grounds.
But all in all I have had the best weekend just not sure I want to go back to reality now! I haven't been all that happy of late so this weekend was just what I needed and this guy made it all the more special. Here is the husband in the new hat he got from Burghley. 
Today is also a very special day as my gorgeous little pug Reggie is 3 years old today. He doesn't like dressing up at all not even to put a winter coat on so he wasn't at all that happy when I put this hat on him this morning but then again he has become a right grumpy old man these days so today wasn't any different.
Thank you for Reading I will post again soon. S x

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Eat cake and be merry

Yesterday we went to my cousins wedding. We had a lovely day and the sun was shining but the wind was bitterly cold! Cake is a big thing for me at weddings. I am a fan of wedding cake and this one did not disappoint. The cake was absolutely beautiful.

Probably the only other thing I like as much as cake is cheese and when the evening came around and there was a cake made of cheese I couldn't of been happier.
The flowers were also very pretty but unfortunately this was the only picture I managed to get.
And here is a picture of the happy couple outside the church in the wind getting a confetti shot after the ceremony. 

Normally I'm always behind the camera but I managed to get one of me and the hubby. I think we scrub up alright especially considering the hubby was full of cold.
Photography is only a hobby of mine but I do love it. I don't think everyone else does especially the husband as I tend to take my camera everywhere I go! lol!

It was also a nice surprise to see our the photographer from our Wedding, Chris, was also the photographer yesterday, We have seen him at a few weddings over the years so it was nice to have a little catch up.
You may have seen from previous posts that I have purchased glossy boxes in the past and although they had some cute stuff in them they weren't really value for money. I have recently found a different kind of monthly treat that is a bit more up my street. It's called Book and a Brew. I had the first delivery last week and I was a very impressed. Basically the concept is that you get a book and a box of tea every month. I have only signed up for 1 delivery at the moment as I know that J has brought me a few books as stocking fillers.
So far so good, the book is called Love and Treasure and when I saw that Philippa Gregory had reviewed it I thought it was definitely worth a read. Also the tea you get with it is tea Pigs which along with Twinings, is my favourite so thumbs up!
 Well that's all from me. Going to go to bed to read a few more chapters and hope I don't get the cold from the husband but I am not feeling too special so it might be too late!
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Take a break have a Kit Kat

So one of my lovely readers asked me the other day why I hadn't posted for a little while and the simple answer is that I haven't been all that happy lately. This is my happiness project and I can't post if I haven't been very happy. I know it's only been 2 weeks since my last post so it's not like it's been ages but it feels like it has! Anyways this weekend I started feeling a bit more like my self so I thought I would share a few pics from my weekend.

I started the weekend with a jog yesterday which is probably the first time in about 2/3 months. I have missed it but I didn't realise quite how much until yesterday. It was such a lovely crisp morning but I completely over did it so I think I won't go as far next time. After that, just to make my legs worse, I went for a walk in the park with my mum and sister and the furry babies.

As usual they all ran rings round us but I think we tired them out as they slept all afternoon after this.
Today I spent the day with 2 of the Besties in London. We started off the day at a lovely but very busy flower market in Columbia Road where we stopped and had some very yummy food at Lily Vanilli Bakery.  We also picked up some very pretty flowers as it would of been rude not to!
We then spent the afternoon drinking Prosecco on the terrace at the Print Room in Covent Gardens and having a good old catch up.
 We then had a little walk down Whitehall and paid our respects.
So after all the walking this weekend I feel like it's safe to say that I will need a new pair of legs, but other than that I have had a lovely weekend and I am not ready for it to be over but unfortunately Monday always has to rear it's ugly head, but Christmas is coming! Yeahy! I know this because Covent Gardens already have their tree up so it must be so and in my opinion it's a little small this year. lol!

I love Christmas. I'm not a fan of the shops at this time of year due to the amount of people as it no longer makes it a nice time to shop but this year I have already made a good start on the presents so more time to relax and enjoy.
I feel like the world has become a very scary place and this weekends events have only increased this fear in me so I am going to make sure that I enjoy my time with my family and friends and make sure I post lot's of happy memories on my blog.
Thanks for reading. I will post again soon S x

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Pumpkins & Pajamas

This weekend has been a pretty busy one. As I said in my last post, I think Autumn is my favourite season. I am loving walks with Reg and all the lovely colours this season brings.

Also it is now close enough to Christmas that I can start shopping so yesterday me and the hubby spent a good 5 hours in town. Granted a hour of this was spent with me in Spec Savers trying to pick out some new specs and then another hour or so was spent having lunch or having a coffee break so really there wasn't an enormous amount of time spent actually shopping but hey we made a start!

As I mentioned in my last post I decided to paint some pumpkins this year instead of carving them (a lot less messy and smelly) and I posted a pic of the cute one I did so here are the more scary ones.
 Which actually are not that scary. lol!
I also brought 2 big bags of chocolate ready for all the trick or treaters and we didn't even get 1 so we may of sat and eaten a lot of chocolate today! woops!
Last night we went out for a meal at Prezzo's with the sister blister and Nino. The food was so good I can't stop thinking about it today. I don't normally like to stray from what I know I like as when I take a gamble and try something new it never normally pays off...this time it did! I had grilled goats cheese to start and this lovely gorgonzola pasta dish that was probably one of the nicest pasta dishes I have ever had. It definitely made top 5! This was the goats cheese starter.
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my main as my memory was full on my phone but just take my word for it both of these were great and I also got Sam to share another bottle of wine with me, which is amazing, I may be turning her over to the dark side! lol! I also tried calamari for the first time which I wasn't all that impressed with, it didn't really taste of anything and was just really chewy.
Today has been probably one of the laziest days we have had for a while. I did not change out of my pj's until about 2pm and that was only because I had to go and get my break lights changed but I was back in them by 7:30pm so it wasn't all bad.
Because we were both being so lazy today neither of us could be bothered to make any lunch or go out and get anything so the natural solution was to see what I had in the fridge that I could just stick in the oven so garlic flatbread and balsamic vinegar was today's lunch. lol!
That along with too many Halloween chocolates filled us up until went out for dinner for the brother in laws birthday and to visit our friends that moved into their new home this weekend. So all in all a good weekend as I haven't actually had to cook once and I'm also very happy that the husband is now into House of Cards so today we watched a good 4 episodes so nearly finished with season 2. If I carry on at this rate I will be finished watching all 3 seasons on Netflix before Christmas so I will need a new programme to get into!
Anyways I keep telling myself I should go to bed earlier and start getting more sleep but it's really hard to go to bed when you know you have to wake up the next morning and go to work. Boo!
Thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x