Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Food for Thought

Yes you guessed it, my post today is about food! I take a lot of pictures of food on my travels and then forget to post them at the time so here is some of the delicious but random foods I have had over the last few months or so.
First of all here is the food I had last night. I went out for a meal with some friends at the Beehive and had the tomato, Aubergine & cheese tart. It was absolutely delicious.
And the dessert was just as yummy. I had a lovely summery Eton Mess although the weather hasn't been very summery of late.
I also went out for dinner with the bestie earlier on in the month for her birthday. We went to Carluccio's and I had the lobster, prawn and crab spaghetti. I have never really been a fan of seafood but I want to like it and when I started trying it I discovered that my favourite was Lobster. Which is typical I would like the most expensive of seafood's but I don't have it that often so it's a nice treat when I do.
Last month I went to Barcelona and the first thing I ate when we got there was a Cronut. It was something I have always wanted to try and they just happened to sell them in the first cafĂ© we went in and to be honest it just tasted like a donut! I don't drink Coffee and Barcelona did not do tea very well. Note to self or anyone else that is a tea lover...always take tea bags on holiday!
 I don't think that I can post many more pictures of food without boring you all to sleep so this last picture is of some very fresh home grown veg from my Dad's green house.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x 

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