Sunday, 31 May 2015

My Name is Sarah and I'm a Shopoholic!

For those of you that know me you might be aware that I like to shop...a lot! Well this weekend was no exception. 

I brought a mixed bag of all sorts this weekend. Firstly I have a family wedding to go to next weekend and brought some gorgeous shoes hoping it will be nice and sunny as the weather man has said! These were from H&M which is not a place I normally buy shoes from but they had £5 off so I had to get these.

I also had a little look in Primark as it would be rude not too as I was in town. I just got a few casual bits for holiday. Including a Pug sunglasses case which is so cute! 
And of course it wouldn't be a shopping spree if I didn't buy another throw! This was half price and is so soft and comfy that I haven't taken it off since I brought it! It was only £7 and goes really well in my bedroom.
Last week I purchased 2 lanterns for the new decking and I have gone a bit lantern crazy lately. Yesterday I brought another one, this time to go on our dining room table. I had been on the look out for a large glass jar of some kind to put candles in but I saw this from The Range and thought it would look really nice.
I love getting these little bits and pieces to make the house feel homely as sometimes I feel like the house is a bit bare as we still have a few big bits of furniture to get and some blank walls but these are all things we will get around to eventually.
And lastly I purchased some flowers from the market to brighten up the house. I love having fresh flowers in the house but unfortunately I have to buy them for myself. The husband isn't very good at getting the hints! lol!
All that shopping left me pretty exhausted so the rest of the weekend has been spent pretty much on the sofa watching Once Upon a Time and a whole host of random movies including Moulin Rouge & Clueless! I shall try and drag myself off the sofa this evening and go for a run though as I definitely need the exercise!
Thanks for Reading. I will post again soon. S x  

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