Monday, 25 May 2015

One Year on

So even though we got an extra day this weekend it still seemed to go way to quickly. This weekend marked 1 year in our new home and to celebrate we got some work done in the garden. We have spent the last year gradually doing the house up but not really touched the garden so we thought it was about time to get it done ready for the summer so here are some before and after pictures.

 A lot of the houses in the street have extended or put conservatories on the back but we decided that we didn't need the extra space in the house and that we would rather keep more garden space so we had some decking and more turf put down and I must say I am pretty pleased with it.
Although this weekend has been a bit of a lazy one it's been really lovely. I had the 2 Besties over on Saturday eve for a few drinks and some dinner then after way too much food and drink we ended up camped out on the sofa watching Eurovision. 
After a few glasses of wine I decided that going for a run with Dani at 8am Sunday morning was a great idea and I am still suffering for it now. Me and exercise just don't really mix but I am trying to do more now as I have become more conscious of being healthier.
I also did some baking today. I haven't really baked very much recently as I have been concentrating on doing bits to the house at the weekends so it was either bake something or finish the curtains in the second bedroom. Baking won that contest so trying to stay semi healthy I made some oat, raisin & Blueberry cookies.
I know they don't look the most appetising of cookies and they don't contain chocolate but they are still pretty good. I always use the Hummingbird Bakery recipe and some how manage to make way more than I expected so I'll be taking these into the office tomorrow.
Thanks for reading, I'll post again soon. S x 

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