Wednesday, 2 September 2015

London Baby

Yesterday me and the husband had a day out in London. We haven't been for ages so apart from the odd rain shower we had a real nice day. We started off in Camden and rather than taste the delights of the food market in Camden Lock we went to the nearest pub and had the biggest greasiest fry up going! Good times!

In London's usual randomness there were buildings painting with all sorts of weird and wonderful things on them and also some un-usual people about...
Anyone for a spot of afternoon tea at the side of the road?
We left Camden Market and went on to the usual haunts of Leicester Square and Covent Gardens where we found a really cute little cafĂ©/bar called The Print Room to have an afternoon drink and to rest our feet from all the shopping/walking.
We had a really good view of Covent gardens and watched some guy escape a tennis racket and some chains! lol!
There was also a really strange balloon style art exhibit...
All in all we really just ate and shopped but those are always good days out in my book!
Sadly the All Saints and Selfridges bag are the husbands! He has more expensive taste than me! Well that's all from me I have tea to cook and the bake off to watch so I will leave you with a silly selfie with my very hairy bearded husband!
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x

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