Monday, 14 September 2015

Lazy Bones

So I haven't blogged much this week as to be honest I haven't done much and I'm pretty sure no-one wants to read about my boring week at work. So I just thought I'd write a bit about the few bits and pieces I have purchased lately.

 Today I went through my wardrobe to sort out some clothes to put on Ebay, as I am starting to run out of space and I found quite a few bits that either still had tags on or that I had only worn a few times so I have put loads on ebay and I decided that I would make a more conscious decision to wear everything in my wardrobe at least once in the next year. I decided on a year as I have a lot of summer stuff and if I started walking around in a summer dress in December then people might think I've gone a bit bonkers!
However saying that, I have been shopping lately and spent a small fortune in London on a day out with the Hubby. Here is one of my favourite purchases from that day a lovely Autumnal tan coloured blazer from Oasis.
I also brought a hat which I already showed in my last post which I am trying to think of any occasion to wear it. lol!
I think I also might have a problem with collecting lipsticks. In particular Bourjois Rouge Edition ones. woops! I know the 2 red ones look the same colour but one of them is a little bit more pinky.
I have also been trying out some different toners to try and keep my hair nice and bright and I came across this Chrome colour restore by Scott Cornwall. I haven't heard of this brand before but I am very pleased with the results. After using it a few times it has kept the colour bright. 

Here is a little selfie to show the results.
So I was meant to post this yesterday but for some reason I decided not to save it so I have had to re-write this last part of the post.
Yesterday was a day of catching up with family, which was really nice as it seems like I don't get to see them enough nowadays and the rest of the weekend I sat on my bum watching the last season of Once Apon a time and lot's of episodes of friends being very unproductive.
Anyways thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x

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