Monday, 17 August 2015

These shoes weren't made for walking!

Although I haven't really had much planned over the last week I have still been rather busy. First of all last week I went Berry picking not once but twice. While on a jog with Amy last week we found some blackberry bushes down by the river so I got a tub full from there and then I found another lot while walking the dog later on in the week so I have had a berry overload this week!

It would not of been a good weekend unless I had been shopping so as usual here is one of the purchases from the weekend...
I was in need of some shoes with a bit of a heel for work as I always wear flats so when I saw these I thought they were really cute but after their first outing today they have given me two blisters! Not good!
It also wouldn't of been a good weekend without seeing the gorgeous little Rosie. She is getting bigger every time I see her and a lot more fluffy!
Sam also decided to give her flying lessons lol!
But of course I also spent a lot of time with my grumpy little man. He spent most of the weekend watching me do housework and tidy up but he has been a busy boy too as he has also had a few play dates this week. Hopefully in about a week he can properly meet Rosie and have a play with her.
This little guy always makes me smile when I'm having a bad day...
I also got to visit the lovely Millie yesterday. Even though she was over tired she was still the cutest. She is already crawling all over the place and will be running around in no time at the rate she is going!  
As I didn't really have any plans this weekend I took the opportunity to have a bit of a clear out. I still had a box that I hadn't un-packed from when we moved in over a year ago so I thought it was about time I sorted through it and while I was at it I had a complete clear out of all the wardrobes and draws.
 I also decided to start a little art project in the third bedroom so I cleared that out ready and made a start yesterday. Pictures to follow but it may take me a little while.
To be honest I started writing this blog a little bit too late and it's been a long day so I can't really be bothered to write much so that's all from me.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x

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