Monday, 16 March 2015

If you go down to the woods today...

This weekend has been a good one. We spent a long weekend with friends in Thetford Forest. The weather was good and the company was too. We also took the dogs so went on lot's of forest walks. The cabin we stayed in was lovely and modern but also very cosy and had a hot tub on the decking. As usual I took a few photo's and by a few I mean nearly 200! lol! But don't worry I won't post them all. Here's a few of my favourites...

 I love this photo. Managed to get both the dogs looking forward with the camera balanced on a tree stump. Surprisingly it only took 3 takes to get this picture which is good going as the dogs were not keen on posing for pictures. This photo was taken remotely using my mobile rather than a timer which is a great feature on my Samsung NX3000 Camera.

Another lovely photo, taken by my fellow photo enthusiast Lucie. This was taken on one of the many walks we did over the weekend and I might get this one blown up and put in my living room.

I like this photo of Dexter, I think it's a little 'Arty' and you can just seen Reggie (the little black dot next to Dexter's left ear!) in the background. It took 2 days of alot of peeing up curtains and following each other around but by Sunday evening they relaxed. Although it could of been down to the 7 miles we walked to wear them out! 

Talking of wearing out...this little fella has been sleeping since we got home today. He hasn't even woken up for any dinner, which is not like him at all! I think it's safe to say that he had a lovely time.

Us humans also had a lovely time. There were competative board games played and lot's of food eaten and drink drunk, all in all a great time was had.

Thanks for reading. I'll post again soon. S x

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