Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Shop til you drop

I have been a bit busy so I didn't have time to blog this weekend but it was another usual weekend for me of shopping! lol! I had a small shopping trip to Ikea to get a few boring house bits like lunch boxes and chopping boards and there happened to be a Pri Mark near by so it would of been rude not to drop by. As I have been shopping quite a bit recently I only got a few bits and these are some of my favs.

First of all I know it's August and it has been quite warm lately but soon winter will be upon us again and of all the jumpers I have I don't have a roll neck one and this one is super soft so I had to get it.

I also got some really cute boots and a leather look rucksack. This is the second rucksack I have purchased lately. I know I'm probably a bit old to be wearing a rucksack but I really don't care. Sometimes I'm in a situation where I am walking the dog or going out on a bike ride and wearing a handbag is just not feasible. 
I normally do my food shop at Aldi as it is just up the road from me but the last few weeks I have been to both Tesco and Sainsbury's just to see how much the price differences are and to be honest Aldi wins by a mile. I found Sainsbury's to be the most expensive but it has been nice to mix it up a little. I am not a fan of food shopping at all but I do like it when I find a little something extra. Especially when it matches my bedroom.
I also got this DAB radio from Aldi of all places. They sometimes have the odd random bits and pieces in there and I love the design of this radio as it is very shabby chic. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and I like to listen to music while I cook.
Saturday evening we went round our friends for dinner whenever we do this the couple going for dinner always takes dessert. So far every dessert has been made by ourselves but this time I will admit it, I was going to just buy a cake and try and pass it off as one I had made myself! lol! But I didn't in the end. I got inspiration from The Great British Bake Off and decided to make a Walnut Cake. Before I started I thought I had better check they liked nuts and I'm glad I checked, so instead I went for the classic Victoria Sponge. I may of gone a bit mad on the butter cream icing though.
It was pretty darn good though so I'm pleased I did bake. Looking forward to tomorrows Bake off. Maybe I will bake the Walnut cake this weekend and take it into work but I am hoping to do a bit of re-decorating this weekend so we will see.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x

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