Monday, 30 November 2015

10 years on

So this weekend marked 10 years of being with the husband so we decided to treat ourselves with a little weekend away. We booked to stay at Fawsley Hall Spa near Daventry and we had such a lovely time I would definitely recommend it. First of all they called up a few days before we were due to arrive and asked if we were celebrating a special occasion so when we arrived we found they had upgraded us to a suite and the service was brilliant. The whole hotel was steeped in history and had such a lovely atmosphere.

My favourite room in the whole place was the Great Hall. It had pictures of Monarchs hanging all around the walls along with lot's of sofa's and arm chairs to relax by the massive fireplaces.

The weather wasn't great this weekend so we spent a lot of time inside eating and drinking or at the spa. I even got up at 7:30am on Sunday to go for a swim! Just shows how much more energy you have when you get time to relax and enjoy yourself.
I started out the weekend with a Date night with the bestie on Friday. We went to see Mockingjay part2, which was brilliant and I can't wait to see it again, then we had a Chinese and bottle of wine. Just the kind of evening I had been needing. I do love going to the cinema, I still haven't been to see the new Bond movie yet so hopefully I'll get time to go and see it soon.
On the way back from the spa we stopped off at the Burghley House Christmas Market in Stamford which to be honest wasn't the best. It was so busy so took ages to actually get in and to be honest I was disappointed with the lack of actual Christmas stalls. There was a lot of clothes and random stalls and only a handful sold Christmas things! I did however find 1 -stall where everything had been up-cycled and the money made was all going to charity so I purchased this really cute bauble that which has pages from Jane Eyre all around it.
Burghley House was as pretty as ever.
This year they had some very strange statues around the grounds.
But all in all I have had the best weekend just not sure I want to go back to reality now! I haven't been all that happy of late so this weekend was just what I needed and this guy made it all the more special. Here is the husband in the new hat he got from Burghley. 
Today is also a very special day as my gorgeous little pug Reggie is 3 years old today. He doesn't like dressing up at all not even to put a winter coat on so he wasn't at all that happy when I put this hat on him this morning but then again he has become a right grumpy old man these days so today wasn't any different.
Thank you for Reading I will post again soon. S x

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