Thursday, 30 April 2015

50 Shades of Silver

Anyone that knows me (especially my hairdresser) knows that I get bored with my hair really quickly so I am always changing it but as it has taken me about 3 years to grow it I decided to change the colour this time. Nothing too drastic but as it is all the fashion I thought I would try a nice grey/silver colour.
I always use good shampoo for blondes as it really helps to keep the tones from going yellowy. Normally I use the Bleach London silver shampoo but my hairdresser recommended a new one recently Maria Nila. I have only used the Sheer Silver shampoo and the Pearl Silver colour refresh a few times but I really like them, they have helped keep the subtle silver tones throughout my hair.

 And this is the result...

I know it looks more white than silver in this picture but in the light you can really see the silver tones.

I have also been trying out some teeth whitening strips that I got from Boots. My teeth are ok but from the ridiculous amounts of caffeine I have on a daily basis I thought it couldn't hurt to try and whiten them up a little. I have only been using these for a few days so the jury is still out but I hope they do work as I don't fancy a trip to the hygienist. I'm not a fan of the dentist!


As part of my shopping addiction I also have a thing for throws. I am always cold and I believe that a bed or sofa just doesn't look right unless it has at least one throw on it! lol! I have quite a few now and the most recent ones I got from QD. I like the knitted throws as I think they make the place look really cosy and homely.

 Thanks for reading. I'll post again soon S x

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