Thursday, 16 April 2015

All things Shabby Chic and Cake!

If you know me then you will be aware of my love of all things Shabby Chic. I like to shop so over the years I have purchased quite a few cute house things so I thought I would share some of my shabby chic buys with you, some of which I may have purchased today. woops!

This Jug is from Next. I got this about a year ago ready for our new home for all the lovely flowers my husband was going to buy me but I got bored of waiting and decided to get some fake flowers from Ikea.  Lol!
Beautiful in Every way...

I went into town today and I stopped off at Wilkinsons to get some dog treats for Reg and had a little look around the homeware area and came across these drinking jars. They were so cute and only £1 each so I had to get them. I also picked a few up for the Bestie as I knew she would love them for her new home.

While I was in town I also had a little browse in Primark (It would be rude not to have a quick look) where I picked up this gorgeous make up bag.

 This make up bag will live in the third bedroom which is mainly my walk in wardrobe where I get ready every day. I love this room although it's not quite finished yet. I have a few blank walls I need to decide what to do with but there are plenty of cute bits in the room already. Here is one of the candles I had left over from my wedding and what I believe is a perfume bottle but I just use it for decoration on my dressing table.

And last of all I just wanted to show you the awesome cake that I made today. I don't bake very often but we are having dinner and games night at our friends tomorrow so I thought now was a good time to get my bake on. I also may have bragged about making a showstopper so I had to put the effort in. 
This is my version of an Oreo Cake. I hope it tastes as good as it looks! We will find out tomorrow...

Thanks for reading. I will post again soon S x

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