Friday, 6 March 2015

Say Cheese!

So for Christmas this year Santa brought me a new camera, a Samsung NX3000. Now I am a complete novice when is comes to cameras but this camera is very user friendly and I can easily link it to my Samsung phone. It helps that it is pretty good looking too. I love all things that have that vintage style so this camera really stood out to me.

Now to the complete dismay of my family and friends, especially my husband, I insist on now taking photos whenever possible. Whether it's a lovely sunset, an evening in with the girls, a wintery walk with J and Reg or just a yummy looking plate of food. I love taking photos of moments like this as they are nice to look back on and remind me of good times.

Here are just a few of those good times...

This is one of the very first pictures I took with my new camera. Our HUGE Christmas tree. It's a good job we hadn't fully furnished the living room yet as it might not of fit. It was so big we had to chop quite a lot off to get it in but I loved it.

This next picture is not so flattering for me but I am one of those people that really struggles to like any photos of myself but I like this one as everyone is smiling & quite drunk. This was a New Years Eve Party at the White's house. Lot's of drinks, good curry and great company what more can you ask for to celebrate the start of a new year. Note to self, must buy a selfie stick, would of made taking this picture a lot easier!

And Lastly this is a beautiful sunrise from a very cold wintery morning in Jan. As much as I can not wait for summer to hurry up and get here I will miss being up in time to see these.


Thanks for reading.
Will post again soon. S x


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