Monday, 23 March 2015

It's all about the Accessories

So lately I have purchased a few items that I absolutely love so I thought I would share them with you. I know I normally write about what I have been up to but I thought I would mix it up a little. 
 I recently read a quote that really made me think more about my apperance..."Every Day is a fashion show and the world is your runway."- Coco Chanel.
Now normally I'm not a quote kind of person but I like this as it made me think about my style and how looking good can make you feel confident.

Firstly my haircare. I have experimented with a lot of blonde shampoo's and never really found one I have stuck with for long until now. This one is great, Bleach London Silver Shampoo. You only need to leave it on for a few minutes, too long and you will go a bit blue! I know it happened to me. I looked like a smurf!

I have recently started wearing lipstick. I never used to wear much apart from a bit of Vaseline but I am really liking the pink or red lips with the blonde hair combo. I got this Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet at the weekend. It's in the colour 10-Don't pink of it. I like it as it very subtle and is in a Matte finish which is great as I'm not a fan of the gloss.

I have also been wearing a lot of the Primark earrings lately. I always manage to lose just 1 earring so I tend not to spend a lot of money of them, so Primark is the best place to get some great designs and a pack only costs a few pounds. These are my favourite pair at the moment. So Cute!

And lastly I am loving pretty much everything from H&M at the moment. I really have to restrain myself when I go in there. I purchased this Jacket a few months ago which I wear to work and this cute pair of boots that were 50% off from F&F in Tesco. Bargain!

So this is a little glimpse into my shopping addiction and style. I hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x

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