Sunday, 29 March 2015

Chocolate time & DIY

So this week has been a quiet one, the weekend however has been a bit busy. Yesterday I went to Ikea with my sister Sam, Amy and Martin. We spent pretty much all day there and walked nearly 5 miles, I know this from my pedometer on my phone, although it felt like 10 miles! I purchased a few bits and pieces to finish off my second bedroom/office. Mainly photo frames and shelves but I'll show you these another time.

Today is a big day for me! 40 days ago i gave up chocolate for lent...kind of. I am not a religious person but i decided to give it a go and see if I could do it and I did although I know lent doesn't officially finish until Thursday I think 40 days is long enough! The husband even said he would buy me a Pandora ring if I could do it so I will be going to pick one out next weekend.

This evening I tucked into an Easter egg, that Amy brought round for me earlier today, and a glass of proseco to mark the occasion (Not that I need an occasion to have a glass of wine but they do go together nicely!)  

So I also got a bit crafty this weekend. When we went to Thetford forest a few weeks ago I brought back some pine cones and decided to use them as a bit of a centre piece for my coffee table. I used a bit of silver spray paint and put them in a basket I got from Ikea along with a candle from Tesco. Which smells amazing by the way!

I have struggled to find any curtains I like to put up in my second bedroom so I decided to buy some material and have a go at making my own. Easier said than done! These are still a work in progress. So with the same material I decided to cover some cork boards and make some pin boards for my desk area. 

They only took 5 minutes to make as the cork boards I purchased from The Range already had sticky backs so no gluing necessary. I will eventually put them on the wall but for now I have them resting on the desk with a few reminders, pictures and tickets from some of the fun times I've had over the years.

Thanks for reading. I will post again soon. S x 

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