Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn walks and pumpkins

Autumn has arrived! Yeahy! This is my favourite time of year. The tree's turn beautiful shades of orange and yellow, lot's of cosy nights in with candles and Netflix and lovely autumnal shades of clothes and make up.

I love a nice walk with Reg at this time of year. Especially with his new little friend Rosie.
The last few weeks I have spent a lot of time on the sofa resting. Which is boring as hell but I have had some lovely company from this grumpy little man.
This last week we have watched the first series of House of Cards (which I wasn't too sure on in the beginning but I love it now) The first series of Peaky Blinders (again!) Because it is just brilliant and half of my new book. I am in need of some fresh air and exercise which I have started to do a bit more now but I am still dying to go for a jog again!
I love the clothes and make up for this season. Lot's of woolly jumpers and boots of which I have lot's of but never enough of course! lol! It's been ages since I got myself a decent mascara and I have sold quite a bit on ebay recently so I decided to use some of my earnings from that to get myself this Dior mascara and I love it!
I also got myself some new eye shadow too as I don't often wear any so thought it would be a nice change. I tend to not be too fused about makes and more bothered about if they are good. I knew the Dior was good as my mate Dan has it so I had already tried it and knew it was worth the monies. So I walked around boots for about 20 minutes trying every eye shadow I could find on the back of my hand! lol!  
and obviously I had to get myself a jumper to really get that autumnal look! This beaut is from H&M of course. They should give me discount for the amount of money I spend there! Oh wait... they do! lol! 
I also spent my weekend painting pumpkins. Yes painting not carving. I spend a lot of time on Pintrest, as I'm sure everyone does, and came across the idea which I thought was great as I like being creative and this way there is no mess. I already had some paints from a little project I have going so I used these to paint some scary and not so scary pumpkins. I will leave you with a picture of one of the cute pumpkins I painted. I will post the scary ones next week.  
Thanks for reading. Will post again soon. S x 

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